Full Interior Detail

Cars / Trucks / SUV's


$75.00        2dr Sedan
$120.00     4dr Sedan
$125.00     Small SUV
$140.00     Small SUV w/3rd row
$150.00     Large Truck
$175.00     Large SUV/Minivan

+ Additional charges if heavily soiled.


  • Spray & Wipe-down Door Jambs
  • Vacuum Interior
  • Dust & Wipe-down Dash
  • Center Console & Door Panels
  • Vinyl Clean & Condition
  • Carpet & Mat Shampoo
  • Clean Headliner (as needed)
  • Leather/Upholstery Clean & Condition


If you are looking for more than just a basic interior cleaning, the interior detail bundle package is the service you need. The interior gets a deep cleaning from top to bottom using the industry's leading products. Spot clean headliner, leather/upholstery clean & condition, carpet and mat shampoo, door panels, center console and dash thoroughly cleaned and conditioned. Every nook and cranny is detailed meticulously leaving you with the new car feeling again.