Mini Interior Detail

Cars / Trucks / SUV's


$50.00     2dr Sedan
$65.00     4dr Sedan
$65.00     Small SUV
$70.00     Small SUV w/3rd row
$70.00     Truck
$85.00     Large SUV/Minivan


  • Spray & Wipe-down Door Jambs
  • Clean Inside of Windows
  • Vacuum Interior
  • Dust & Wipedown Dash, Center Console, and Door Panels
  • Spot Clean Floor Mats
  • Condition Leather Seats
  • Condition Vinyl/Plastics


Whether your vehicle is on our maintenance program or it is not driven as often, a mini detail is a perfect option. This service is for the vehicles that are not extremely dirty but need a good vacuum, wipedown and leather and vinyl condition to protect the surfaces from UV rays and the normal daily use of the vehicle.