Silver Wash
(exterior only)

Cars / Trucks / SUV's


$20.00     2dr Sedan
$25.00     4dr Sedan
$30.00     Small SUV
$35.00     Truck / Large SUV
$40.00+   XL vehicles or lifted

+ Additional charges if heavily soiled OR vehicle is lifted.
+ Pre-soak decontamination availabe before contact wash.


  • Degrease Tires & Wheel Wells
  • Spray & Wipe-down Door Jambs
  • Hand Wash
  • Towel Dry
  • Dress Tires
  • Final Wipe-down


The silver wash starts off with a complete rinse of the vehicle ensuring that any heavy dirt or debris is removed. During the rinse we remove all the bugs, and degrease the tires, wheels, and wheel wells. Following the rinse, the vehicle is then hand washed from top to bottom with soap infused with a carnauba wax leaving a just waxed look to your vehicle. The entire exterior is then rinsed including spraying any grime from the door jambs. Next the vehicle is hand dried, and the door jambs are wiped out. The final step to the silver wash is wiping down the wheels, and dressing the tires to an ultimate shine.

*Soft water is used not only to ensure a superior cleaning and rinse, but also leaves your car spot free!